The PIRRO'S® Story


While mother Josephine would cook, son Terry Pirro would watch and assist, slowly developing his love of cooking at a young age. Eventually, Terry’s passion for cooking inspired him to share his recipes and so was established Pirro’s Restaurante in historic Woodstock, IL. Opened with the purpose of bringing others together with his delicious family recipes, just as his mother had in his youth. 

As the restaurant’s popularity continued to rise, customers would come in and request pints of sauce to take home. This spurred the idea to offer jars of his coveted sauce in hopes of creating the same loving home environment he had been a part of. With his daughter, Brianna by his side the Pirro’s Sauce brand was founded.

The father-daughter duo soon found their product to be highly desired and Pirro’s continued to grow. However, in the midst of the brand’s success, Terry fell ill. Her father’s tragic passing affected many, but it did not discourage Brianna from continuing to dedicate herself to Pirro’s. She continues to run the company and ensure that her dad’s talent, creativity, and hard work will never be forgotten.

Pirro’s recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. They have been refined through the years but have kept the same commitment towards outstanding taste and community. It was food that always brought the Pirro family together and, in an effort, to bring others together we offer you our full line of Pirro’s sauces. Since the taste is just as important as the experience, Pirro’s is produced with all-natural and locally sourced ingredients, to guarantee freshness and flavor. Pirro’s was founded with a commitment to excellence, which is why we want to make sure we are the best possible sauce you can take home. We do this out of passion and for the love of food and family!



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