Get Dinner On The Table

If you have a busy household, you know just how hard it can be to get a homemade meal on the table. Between the soccer tournaments and office work, it might feel like there is no time to squeeze in a wholesome dinner that everyone will enjoy. An easy solution may be to opt for frozen foods that you can quickly pop in the microwave or fast-food. However, in this day and age, many busy families struggle to get a wholesome meal on the table, but there are resources to help you. These practical tips will help you and your family get a nutritious dinner on the table.

1. Keep it simple: Most likely, you will not have time to whip up Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon from scratch - save that for a special occasion! Keep dinner simple with a few staple ingredients, such as meat, soup, pasta, fish, and vegetables, that are quick to make, healthy, and preparable in various ways. 

2. Make meals ahead: Perhaps you've heard of "meal prep." Meal prep allows you to save time and money. One person even talked about how she saved $300 after two weeks of meal prep! Meal prep is still helpful even if your primary focus is to save time. Pick one day of the week where you can spend a few hours prepping meals for the week ahead. 

 3. Double what you cook: Shop in bulks and double the recipes you plan to make for that week. What you prepare can be stored in the freezer and eaten later in the week or even the following week. 

4. Assign tasks: If you can find a day everyone can contribute, do it! Rally the family to cook together and prep meals. Assign everyone a responsibility such as preparing the salad or cleaning the used utensils. This will lift a lot of pressures off your shoulders and it's a great activity to do as a family!

5. Use the crock-pot: It's so easy to whip a few essential ingredients into the crock-pot that will result in a spectacular meal. It will take hours to cook, but you don't have to be there for it! Store any leftovers in the freezer for a future dinner or use leftovers for lunch at work.

Know that you are not alone when it comes to the struggle to get dinner on the table, but there are resources available to help you! Try a few simple recipes to start with such as Poached Salmon in Rustic Vodka Sauce and Shrimp Diablo (both take under 30 minutes to make!).

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