Football Watch Party Tips

If you've ever been to an impressive football viewing party, you might not realize all the details that made the party spectacular! Anyone can throw a viewing party, but the best parties take time and preparation. If you're going to host your friends or family, make an effort to make their experience memorable. Consider the following tips to make your viewing party stand out from the rest.


Serve bite-sized food

Snack-sized foods are perfect for large crowds! Grab a bag of chips and salsa dip at the store or a pre-made food platter. If you're feeling brave, make a snack for the crowd with a crowd favorite like cheesy pepperoni pizza dip. Bite-sized foods are easy to make or easy to find at the store.

Make sure there's enough room

If you decide to host a viewing party, you might want to allocate space for just socializing. Some of your guests might want to catch up and talk during the game. Organize an area separate from the viewing room with snacks.

Cook ahead of time

If you want to blow your guests away with a homemade spread, make sure you make the food ahead of time. Find the dishes you want to make and make them at least one day before your grand event. You'll save a lot of time and stress.

Get bags of ice

One thing you must have at your party is ice to keep the drinks cold. No one wants a warm drink! Don't make a last-minute run to the store for a bag of ice on game day. Traffic will be a mad-house! Make sure you have ice stocked before your event.

Keep clean-up simple

If you have a lot of people coming over, use paper or plastic silverware to cut your clean up time in half. If you want to stay eco-friendly, see beforehand if a few friends or family members will help you clean dirty dishes and throw away trash.

Make sure the TV is working

Seriously, nothing is worse than a crowd that has gathered to watch the game in a place where the TV is a bust. Even if you're confident your TV is working, you should do one last check the day of the event a few hours beforehand. If it's not working, you and your guests can make other arrangements.

Encourage a potluck

Do you not have the time to make snacks or spend a long time at the store? Ask your guests to partake in a fun potluck! To avoid multiples, give everyone a vague list of items such as snacks, entree items, or dessert. Allow your guests to get creative and bring something they like!


Whether you love football or not, there is no doubt that a viewing party can be fun and it's a great excuse to see friends. Make your party spectacular with these easy tips!

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