Wine and Pizza Pairings

Your low-key Friday night just got a lot fancier! Here are some of the best pizza and wine pairings (order not important):

1. Margherita Pizza + Barbera d’Alba

Margherita is a classic Italian pizza rich in red tomato sauce with earthy tones of basil and adorned with creamy mozzarella. This simple, yet scrumptious Neapolitan pizza pairs perfectly with Barbera d'Alba: a tangy red wine. The acidity of Barbera d'Alba compliments the pizza's sauce.

2. Cheese Pizza + Grenache

Who knew a late night classic could transform into a refined treat? Grenache is generally spicy, berry-flavored red wine that is soft on the palate. Similar to the Margherita and Barbera d'Alba, it's acidity amplifies the pizza's tomato sauce flavor, making for a harmonious duo.

3. Pepperoni Pizza + Sangiovese

Forget Romeo and Juliet. Pepperoni and cheese are arguably the most lovable Italian star-crossed lovers. Pair it with the right wine, and you're in for a dynamic flavor combination. The fat content from the pepperoni imbues its flavor throughout the cheese. Smart pairing for this choice: an herbaceous Sangiovese red.

4. Hawaiin Pizza + Riesling

Ah, Hawaiin Pizza. This is a questionable choice for many. We would like to put your doubts to rest and assure you that salty/savory ham paired with the sweet, tangy pineapple is delicious, even more so when matched with the right wine.  The marriage of the acidity and sweet creates a lovely and bright flavor profile. A crisp Riesling with a slice of Hawaiin Pizza is both pleasant and refreshing.

5.  Sausage + Pinotage

For a bold, fennel-infused pizza like Sausage Pizza, you will want a bold wine to match. Full-bodied wines Pinotage naturally work well with rich meats like sausage and results in an intensified flavor.
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