Prep Your Kitchen For Fall

The days are feeling a bit chillier, and you're starting to crave feel-good, warm meals. Fall is just around the corner! If you're like the team at Pirro's, you understand the satisfaction of staying organized and getting ahead, especially when it comes to matters in the kitchen! Prepping for fall can mean so much more than playful pumpkin house decorum. Make way for fall by making these essential preparations in your kitchen:

#1 Stock your kitchen with Carpet staples

Fall is a nostalgic time for hearty and comforting meals. Save yourself some time and take one major trip to the grocery store and purchase these staples: broths and stocks, beans and lentils, lemons for hot tea and flavoring, and wholesome tomato sauces for hearty baked dishes. And if you're baking for the holidays, be sure to add flour, sugar, and other holiday dessert essentials!

#2 Make fall cooking utensils accessible 

Your crock-pot or casserole dishes will come in handy for the chilled season. Take some time to reorganize these utensils, dust them off, and make them ready for use! It will be so much easier to organize before you cook instead of scrambling to find your casserole dish when you plan to have dinner ready in 30 minutes.

#3 Clear out your freezer

Is your freezer full of food that's from the beginning of summer? It might be time to throw out those leftovers you never got to and clear out your freezer. It will come in handy when you've made delicious slow-cooker leftovers that you can freeze and heat this fall.


These few tips will make the cooking process so much easier this fall and save you time in the kitchen!


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