Host A Dinner Party

There is an art to hosting a memorable dinner party. It requires careful planning. Here a few full-proof tips to host an unforgettable dinner party:

Keep the kitchen to limited stress: We cannot always control our surroundings. Sometimes stressful situations pop up at the last minute! However, there are a few things you can manage to minimize the stress of cooking for a dinner party. Consider laying out all of the ingredients on hand before you start cooking. Most importantly, set aside enough time for yourself to prepare.

Make something you know: If you want to "wow" your guests, present them with a dish you are comfortable making.  If you're an inexperienced cook, practice making one of these simple recipes. Or, look on Pinterest for recipe inspiration. Practice, patience, and a bit of research makes perfect!

Ask others to bring dishes: Don't have the stamina or time to make a 3-course meal? Ask your guests to bring a dish! Potluck and family style dining creates a unique and memorable social experience. Don't be shy to ask your friends to make and bring a dish!

Budget wisely: A pro event-planning tip is to know what to splurge on and what to save on. For example, don't splurge on fine china if you don't have it. You can use equally trendy plates for much less. Consider looking at Target or your local grocery store. DO however spend money on good linens as they set the tone for the table. 

Create a timeline, but don't obsess: Set a timeline that outlines when you will cook, when you will set the table, and when guests will arrive. This will help you stay organized. However, don't be too hard on yourself if things don't go as planned. Additionally, prepare group games for your dinner party. Make a list of all the things that could be fun and grab suggestions from your friends.

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