Shopping Locally

Shopping locally has the potential to benefit you and your community. There are several ways to shop locally. You can go to small boutiques, farmers markets, order online, and ask larger stores if they carry local products. Here are a few different things that happen when you shop locally:

1. You build a stronger economy

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, local businesses are more likely to carry locally sourced goods, as opposed to chain stores. They also are prone to partner with local contractors. As a natural result, this optimizes the local economy.

2. You create a closer community

Local shoppers get to know the community and local business owners when they shop locally. It is a timeless way to connect with your community and meet people with perhaps similar interests. 

3. You opt for a cleaner environment

If you shop locally, chances are that you don't have to drive 25 miles to buy the best pasta sauce. When you go to a nearby business, you're more likely to walk, ride your bike, or catch a ride with a buddy and reduce your carbon emission.

4. You boost your health

Shopping locally gives you the opportunity to ride your bike or walk. Additionally, local businesses often provide customers with high-quality products that either have natural or locally sourced ingredients.


Pirro's Sauce is a proud local business located in Woodstock, Illinois. You can support our small-business efforts and shop all of our products here. 

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