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Bacon ipsum dolor amet sausage tail leberkas bresaola. Cupim ribeye picanha, kevin doner bresaola flank chuck shoulder. It’s what’s in season, after all. I’m so happy I don’t have to wear a crazy big coat anymore – bring on the vegetables!



It’s asparagus season. Look for bright green or slightly violet stalks that are nice an firm to the touch. The tips at the top should be tight and compact. Don’t worry about size, thick asparagus is just more mature than thin asparagus. More mature doesn’t mean bad! Here are some asparagus recipes to get you going.

Shrimp and asparagus pizza is springtime on a crispy crust. Not a huge amount of sauce or cheese here so you don’t have to feel guilty after eating it.

Asparagus and eggs are classic, but throw in some miso butter and you have yourself a instant umami hit. Simple and so good.


Did you know avocados have a season? It’s true, you can buy them year round at the grocery store (those one usually come from Mexico) but the avocados from California have a growing season of early spring to late summer.

Indulge a little because even though you need a #summerbod you still need your bae. Your bacon, avocado, and egg that is! This sandwich is maybe even better than those overpriced breakfast sandwiches you get at a hipster coffee shop?

Yup, avocado pasta is a thing and it’s a great one! Super simple avocado sauce made with blended avos, garlic, cilantro, and lime loosened with a bit of pasta water. Avocados: not just for toast anymore.

Give me all the summer/salad rolls because I love handheld things and dipping and deliciousness. You can put literally anything in rice paper and it’ll taste good. Avocados and smoked salmon are no exception. Get it, get it.

Eggs and avocados are perfectly creamy together and when you put them in a tortilla shell with hot sauce, watch out, flavor city! Super simple with a huge taste reward.

Alright, get out and enjoy the spring sun and eat all the spring things! Let me know what you’re cooking :)
asparagus, avocados, and peas,
xoxo steph

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